Book review: ‘On the Record’ By K.A. Linde

It’s no secret how much I adore this series. I think Brady Maxwell is one of the most real and sexy characters written today. And who wouldn’t want to be Liz? She’s got confidence, she’s gorgeous and has a hot politician in love with her. But that just covers a tiny part of this book. This is the second book in this series and has an overload of angst, very little Brady in it, yet you felt his presence with Liz every step of the way. In this one, a little time has gone by since (spoiler alert: do not read if you haven’t read Off the Record) Liz walked out on Brady, trying to make the decision on whether he chooses his career or her easier on him by walking out on him. Now Liz is dating Hayden- yes it’s absolutely no secret how much I can’t stand him. She tries with him, oh how she tries, but Brady is always in the back of her mind refusing to leave.

It wasn’t like she didn’t like Hayden… hadn’t always liked Hayden. But still, she stepped away from him instead of into him when he moved toward her.

I did tear up at a particularly heartbreaking moment when Liz sees Brady on tv one night and all her feelings come at her full force. It was hard to read but showed how she couldn’t shake this man no matter how hard she tried.

She shut the door and locked it before sinking helplessly to the floor. Tears sprang to her eyes so fast and hot. A sob racked her chest and she slapped her hand over her mouth.

Then there are the moments where Liz just can’t help herself and contacts Brady. I didn’t blame her one bit. They made me smile big even though those scenes were particularly angsty, but just showed how much these two were never going to be able to get each other put of their systems.

“You don’t call me crying in the middle of the night after not speaking with me for months, and then tell me I can’t see you. I can’t handle it, Liz.”

“No tears for me, baby. Soon enough you’ll forget I ever existed… just like you wanted.”

I could literally go on all day about this book but I won’t. I’ll let you find out what happens next and how it ends. All I want to say is, where is November? I am dying for the conclusion to this series.


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