4.5 stars!
Received ARC via R.S. Grey in return for an honest review.

I really enjoy R.S Grey’s books. I think her writing is unique, humorous and heartwarming. While my favorite story of hers will always be ‘With This Heart’ (I LOVED Beck!) I really enjoyed this one too.

Brooklyn is a well-known pop star and has been paired up to write a duet with hottie solo singer Jason Monroe. Tempers and hormones immediately flare. Their first glimpse at each other when she’s on the elevator made me crack up. Let’s just say, his first impression of her was not a flattering one and he wasn’t fast to warm up to her.

Jason always writes his songs back home at his ranch, so that’s where Brooklyn goes to help write the duet. It’s not an easy process at first because they really have a hard time warming up to each other, which is mostly on Jason’s end. I loved the side characters on the ranch. Jason had a good group of people working there. I should mention here that I adored the relationship Brooklyn and her sister had. They were true “bff’s” and I loved how they lifted each other up when they needed it. I adored the banter Brooklyn and Jason had. Some of their conversations had me laughing out loud. I will say that I would have loved to have read more about them as a couple but that’s just my personal preference when I read books and I don’t think it took away from the reading experience. I will definitely be reading the next book in this series because I loved the two characters that story will be about.


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