ARC received in return for an honest review.

3.5-4 stars.

This one was pretty good. Grayson took a while to grow on me but he did come around about halfway through the book. I thought he was going to be kind of awful through most of the book but he surprised me. Cammie was very persistent in her pursuit of Grayson. Even when he didn’t deserve it. However, I understood why he didn’t want to get involved with her at first because of his being her boss. Cammie did something that made me want to side-eye her hard towards the end. I kind of felt bad for Grayson and I would’ve been so angry if I were him, but he seemed to get over it fairly fast.
I enjoyed the last 50% of this book a lot more than the first half. And we do get to see a lot of Jason and Brooklyn so that was very enjoyable. I always really enjoy R.S. Grey’s writing. I’ve been a big fan ever since ‘With This Heart’ and will continue to read anything she writes.


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