arc received via Tasty Book Tours in return for an honest review.

5 stars!

This book was my absolute favorite (so far) in the series. I think everyone is going to adore Oren..or as most know him..Ten. Things start out pretty much the same for Ten and Caroline in this one. She wants him, he’s trying to ignore his feelings for her because he doesn’t want to screw up his friendship with her brother Noel, who absolutely does NOT want them together. More on him later.

Caroline comes up with a plan to trick Ten into being with her. It doesn’t last too long, so don’t let that turn you off. I’m not gonna lie…the sex between them was scorching. Ten is a very sexual guy and Caroline is pretty much his equal in that. She’s always wanting to jump his bones and he has zero problems with that. I loved the dual POV between Ten and Caroline. Going into Ten’s mind was such a treat. He kept me laughing, swooning and I even shed a tear or two at times.

Now we come to Noel. Caroline’s brother. I didn’t care for his book because I just didn’t like him all that much (and I don’t really read the student/teacher romances). In this book, Caroline and Ten pretty much have to hide their relationship when they’re in the vicinity of Noel because he’s said more than once he doesn’t ever want Ten with Caroline. You can see how much both of them have changed for the better when they’re together, everyone around them notices but Noel is very stubborn. Something happens towards the end to shake him out of it but it was very rocky for him for most of the story. It made me feel so bad for Caroline and Ten.

If you’re a fan of Ten, definitely read this one. You won’t be disappointed. He comes through in ways you can’t even imagine. My ARC is full of highlights from most of his quotes. He and Caroline are so sweet, perfect and hot together. Their banter is A+. I loved the interaction Ten had with Caroline’s little brothers. They fought like brothers would. And that epilogue? Oh yeah… One of the best.

“I’m at the library with Zwinn.”
“Quinn and Zoey. You know… Zwinn.”
Hmm. I liked that name shipped for them. Jealous I hadn’t thought of it myself.

~That still didn’t excuse her in my book. She’d traumatized my Oren. The bitch must die….in my head anyway. I pictured myself pushing her off the side of a bridge and listening to her scream all the way down until…oops, she wasn’t screaming anymore.~

~I shook my head, unable to keep my temper intact. Just being around her mellowed whatever anger I wanted to feel. Damn woman had a habit of making me happy whenever she was around.~

“So how’s Tenoline these days? Or do you guys go by Caroten? I wasn’t sure exactly how you were shipping it.”
I snorted and rolled my eyes “It’s Oreline, motherf**ker.”



  1. está muy bueno.T tomaste en serio las respuestas…lo q yo siempre digo, q aqui puede paraecer un mal chiste, pero me da mucha risa y SIEMPRE lo aplico a alguna situación…es q si mi abuela tuviera ruedas, FUERA bicraletc!!Giacias por tu comment


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