***arc received in return for an honest review***

4.5 stars! 

I love Ginger Scott’s books. Her ‘Falling’ series is to die for. I devoured those two books when they came out and am dying for the third one. When I was given an opportunity to receive an ARC of ‘Wild Reckless’, I jumped on it. This book was not what I expected at all. It’s very different from anything Ginger has written before. The overall tone to me felt like one of Colleen Hoover’s stories (Hopeless or Slammed). There were lighthearted moments but also some truly heartbreaking ones too.

You won’t like Owen at first. I hated him and was ready to stop reading the book. He was being pretty cruel to Kensington in the beginning. That doesn’t last long, so I urge you to keep reading if you get turned off by him. We find out a little bit more about Owen and his family situation (some clues are given in the prologue) and it’s truly heartbreaking. Owen pretty much keeps his family afloat now, especially with the long hours his mother works. My heart melted at all he does to protect his little brother from the harms of life. There was one particular scene where their older brother is going through something at their house and Owen made sure his little brother stayed in his room, protecting him from seeing things no one at any age should see.

Owen and Kensington are pretty adorable together, you can’t help but root for them to work things out. The way they both support and care for one another is really a beautiful thing. Especially for how young they both are. I wanted to smack Kensington’s father more than once, and her mom aggravated me a lot during the course of the story but she did support her relationship with Owen, so that was something.

I enjoyed this book a lot. I had to take a couple breaks in between because it does get a little intense at times, but it’s worth it in the end. I really liked the epilogue too. I’m a sucker for the epilogues.


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