KM Final Ebook

Book 3 in the ‘Dearest’ series 

Release date: April 27th

ARC received via author in return for an honest review


I try and push all my friends to read the first book in this series ‘Dearest Clementine.’ I can’t say enough good things about it. It made me swoon, tear up, want to throw things at certain characters and it made me feel. It’s THE definition (in my opinion) of a true college romance book. That being said, I had high hopes for ‘Kissing Madeline’and it delivered!

If you read the first book, you met Maddie briefly when she interviewed Clementine towards the end and of course you know Daren as Clementine’s ex boyfriend. Maddie and Daren generated a few sparks in one scene and I had wondered if they would get a book.

This one starts after college and takes place in Boston. Maddie is a news reporter for the local channel and Daren has just been drafted into the NFL. Maddie wants to be taken seriously and cover things that she cares about, however she has been roped into doing a sports series with Daren where he kind of gives the “ins and outs” of football for those who don’t really understand it. She hates it and Daren can tell. It amuses him. On camera they generate so much chemistry and have great banter, the series even gets shown on ESPN.

Maddie and Daren live in the same building so they run into each other quite often. Daren kind of pursues Maddie and they eventually fall into the friends with benefits category. Let me just say, this book is a lot hotter than the previous two. The sex is really hot and these two sizzle together. Evenutally feelings start to get involved and things get confusing for both of them as they have to decide what to do about their situation.

I LOVED these two together. They were so sweet, sexy and really balanced each other out. Daren was kind of a goofball in the first book but he definitely has more to him in this one and you’ll find out more about his background. Maddie is really serious but likes to have fun and cares deeply about the people in her life. My heart broke for something that happens towards the end to her, which also affected Daren. It was shocking to them at first but after awhile they stood by each other and it was them against the world. The epilogue was one of my favorites and I think everyone will love it. It was the perfect ending for all of the couples in this series.


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