arc received in return for an honest review.


This one, like all of Jill Shalvis’ stories had an amazing hero. I just love how she writes them. Funny, sweet, protective of the heroine. Aidan was definitely an alpha but at the same time not controlling of Lily. I love the alphas but once they get into that “You’re mine, say it now” mindset I immediately stop reading.

Lily and Aidan had shared a kiss many years ago and then something tragic happened in Lily’s family. She and her mom fled to separate parts of the world and Lily has been pretty much on her own since then. After something happens at her job in California, she has to move back home to Colorado and start over. She and Aidan immediately have the same sparks they felt before but Lily fights it every step of the way. Aidan doesn’t give up and keeps coming back for more and lets her know she doesn’t have to be alone anymore.

I will admit Lily’s back and forth attitude towards Aidan was getting on my nerves because he did nothing to show her he wouldn’t be there for her. However, that’s just a tiny part of the story. I really loved how good they were once they got together. You could feel their chemistry together. Aidan’s family was a hoot and I loved their dialogue together. I’m definitely looking forward to more in this series.


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