ARC received in return for an honest review.

5++ STARS!

I loved this one as much as The Deal. Who knew Dean could turn into such a sweet, loyal and loving guy? It was such a nice transformation for him. Yet, he was still able to keep that confidence and cockiness I loved about him.

looking at him

Allie is Hannah’s roommate from The Deal. You may or may not remember her. It took me a little bit to do so.  She’s just coming off of a long term relationship and is having trouble not giving in and answering his obnoxious texts to her. Hannah suggests that Allie stay at Garrett’s place for the weekend while most of them are away so she can sort of hide out. When she shows up, Dean is in a compromising position. She promises she doesn’t care but he sends them away anyway. Their banter with each other was hilarious. I couldn’t get enough of it. One thing leads to another and they have drunken sex. Allie wants to forget it ever happened but Dean is persistent and they eventually have a friends with benefits arrangement going on. I usually have a problem with these storylines but Elle knows exactly how to write them well.

blue eyes

It didn’t take long for the feelings to get involved. Dean was a total sweetheart and would’ve done anything for Allie and Allie for him too. There was one scene that made me melt. Allie wanted only Dean after a particularly heartbreaking moment for her. He came running at one in the morning and was there for her and made sure she was okay. It was a defining moment for them and really showed his growth too.

I have to go over the sex because Dean totally met his match with Allie in that department. They were so hot together and Allie was down for anything with Dean, which he loved. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed in those scenes.

like me

I freaking loved Dean’s sister Summer and I hope she gets her own book soon. There was a scene where she and Allie were watching a scary movie together at Garrett’s, he comes home later and they think he’s an intruder so Allie knocks him out and calls the cops. I couldn’t stop laughing. Dean’s reaction was priceless. There are some really funny scenes in this one.

There are a couple of big things that happen in this one. I won’t spoil them but one of them comes with a bit of angst. The last one was suprising but now I guess I know who the next book will be about. I can’t wait. This series is one of my absolute favorites and I never want it to en


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