This book surprised me. I wasn’t expecting all the subject matter involved in it. It threw me for a loop. Those sometimes are the best reads.

Bryson (I love her name!) is with Will. They get married and live happily every after… no, not really. A lot of things go down and most of it is very unpleasant. Bryson shared a moment with Hart her senior year of high school. It was sweet and I just wanted to push them together at that point. It wasn’t to be though. This book takes you through the years after high school and everything that happens between Will and Bryson. She does manage to see Hart around town here and there over the years. Something happens later on and she is finally able to have a conversation with him and see him almost every day. I loved those moments. They were so sweet and fun together. I feel like saying anymore will give the whole book away. Just be prepared for some angst in this one.

This is a book about learning your worth, letting things go, being able to put your anger aside to help someone in need and also sweet sweet love that makes your heart soar.




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