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arc received in return for an honest review.

I loved this book. Well I just love this series, period. It’s one of my favorites.

So as you know from the blurb, Sabrina is pregnant. Although, it doesn’t happen right away which I was thankful for. We got to read quite a bit between the two before that happened. Sabrina is very very closed off against starting anything except a sexual relationship with Tucker. Her home life is pretty awful. Her step-father is gross and her grandmother is no help either. I could definitely see why she was so closed off and pushed Tucker away quite a bit.

Tucker was persistent. He wanted Sabrina in his life and he wasn’t going to give up until that happened. I want a Tucker. He was so cute, sweet and knew just when Sabrina needed him to back off. He was persistent without being smothering, which I just loved. I didn’t really care for his mother though. She was definitely smothering and didn’t approve of Sabrina. I know some people didn’t care for Sabrina, but I really liked her. She just needed the right person to love her.

I think fans of this series will enjoy this one. It had some really sweet, hot (the sex was definitely hot)and heartfelt moments in it. I’m hoping there will be more books after this one!


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